Weather Watch

It is 08:40 Friday morning August 21st. I’m on my second cup of coffee, it’s foggy and very Fall looking outside,  the street is wet, the list is still long and getting longer.I hope to leave next weekend.The rain is tapping louder on the skylight above me at the dining room table. I’ve been to the Earth Nullschool website and checked out cyclone Genevieve’s track and strength as it heads out across the Pacific. It’s the strongest storm of 2020 so far.

Cyclone Genevieve sitting off the coast of Baja

If I had left August eighth as I had planned to in June, I would be feeling her effects and taking evasive action to avoid contact with her 130 mile an hour winds. My daughter Nicola was right, “Don’t worry about your deadline Dad, there is probably a reason you shouldn’t leave on that day.” Genevieve is probably that reason. Good call Nic!

The risk of Covid is all around and I have given much thought to my leaving date and listened to many requests to come down and see me off. Although I would dearly love to see people gather round on the dock as I set sail on this voyage, I would rather not risk anyone being exposed to the virus. The choice is yours, but please remain vigilant of Bonnie Henry’s advice.


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  1. Really excited to hear about your progress, Glenn, as you ready for this next campaign. We’ll be with you in spirit. We’ll also hold back from being part of the send-off (as requested).

    Here’ to completing the final chapter of the Old Sea and the Man.

    G and L

  2. Alek Petovic says

    I find that gives pretty good long range forecasts. I’ve used it extensively this southern winter to alert me to when I need to wind down my antennas and protect the plants in the garden from the fierce fronts that hit us here in South West Western Australia.
    Cheers, Alek.

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