Remembering Glenn

October 5, 2021

Today we mark one year since we said our final goodbyes to our dear Glenn. 

The girls and I have received much love and support and generosity over this past year and we know that without a doubt, we would not have made it to today without you. We feel very lucky to have you in our lives. 

We still find ourselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to gather together to celebrate Glenn’s life because of Covid-19 restrictions. The girls and I hope that as soon as the situation improves, hopefully by early next spring, we will be able to come together safely to remember him the way he wanted to be remembered – a caring, generous, enthusiastic guy who loved his family and his friends and was determined to live life passionately.

If you have a moment today, remember him in any way that feels right for you.
With love,


  1. It is with great sadness I see this posting of Glenn’s passing. I came across it after going though an old log book of mine and decided to look up and see if any items on Kim Chow as had lost Glenn’s contact details over the passing years but not my memories of him.
    I had many contacts with Glenn during his voyage in the southern seas off NZ and Australia and on towards Africa as conditions would allow or when his battery was sufficiently charged and the odd time when he had dinner to pull in on the end of a line, we would go QRT for a short time.
    And the sad demise of Kim Chow his beloved boat.
    Still have those memories of great conversations on Hf Radio Amateur Band.
    My thoughts for Marylou and the family.
    de73s my friend

    • Thank you so much for writing Andrew. I would love to know more about your contacts with him over the radio. Those were times he cherished more than anyone knew. It’s what kept him going.
      He was a treasure, and sorely missed.

  2. Jenny Wright says

    Dear MaryLou, Claire and Nicola,

    I posted before but can’t see it.

    Love the pic of Glenn, it’s so Glenn. We think of Glenn often, and are so happy we got that weekend we spent with you both when we did our trip over. Meeting you MaryLou and spending that time with you both was a highlight of our trip.
    So many many memories we have to treasure of a very vibrant man.
    With much love
    Jenny and Ted

    • Thank you Jenny. It was a weekend to remember. Glenn spoke often about how much he admired you and your adventurous spirit. You were one among many he called an inspiration. Thanks for your note. All the best and take good care.

  3. Jenny Wright says

    That pic, it’s so Glenn, it’s how we visualize him as we remember him. We talk about him often, and remember our trip to your home with fond memories. We think of Glenn often, and are so happy we got that weekend we spent with you both when we did our trip over. Meeting you MaryLou and spending that time with you both was a highlight of our trip.
    And MaryLou, Claire and Nicola we think of you constantly as you live with the memories of your husband/father.
    Much love,
    Ted and Jenny.

  4. Ellie Matheson says

    Remembering fondly his big laugh, his energy and his passion for life.
    Thinking of you and the girls today.

  5. Lori Wheeler says

    Good Morning MaryLou

    This post caught me off guard as it is hard to believe it has been a year since that dreadful day you and Claire and Nicola had to say goodbye to your beloved husband and dad and friend. I still admire his passion and determination to fulfill his dream. I remember him emerging from the water with an armful of crabs to bring back to the campfire. How easily he laughed. How much he loved paddling and exploring the perimeters of the islands looking at star fish. How much he loved you and the girls.

    Take care. I’m with you in thought.

  6. Alek Petkovic says

    We treasured our time with Glenn. His humour, smile, generosity, drive and determination, made being with him a lot of fun.
    We are half a world away, here in the south west corner of the land down under, yet there is never a week where we don’t think of him or talk with family or friends about him.
    From the moment he stepped ashore in Fremantle and gave us the bear hug, he was one of us.
    We still use his expressions and colloquialisms a lot and that’s what brings him to our minds.and hearts.
    Marylou, Nicola and Claire, we are desperately sad for your loss but we celebrate our luck of having known Glenn as a wonderful and inspirational friend.
    Love to you all, Maryanne and Alek Petkovic

  7. Coryn and Tony says

    A stiff westerly breeze blowing today beyond Trial Island brought back such positive memories of Glenn as we watched him turn West Winds’s bow to the Straits of Juan de Fuca in September 2020. We think of Glenn often as he has touched our lives in so many ways…always with a smile and warm friendship.
    Big hugs to you MaryLou, Claire and Nicola. You are often in our thoughts.
    Coryn and Tony

  8. Connie Ahern says

    MaryLou, you, Nicola, Claire and Glen are in my thoughts and heart… miss you Glen!!!
    Sending love and hugs, may the memory of his laughter and his love for all of you bring comfort today and always.

  9. Sonia Burling Polson says

    I love what you have captured in this photo….it’s just “so Glenn!” After seeing your post today, when I was walking by the beach, I looked out to the ocean and thought of Glenn….it is easy to remember this special guy with his friendly, outgoing and kind nature as well as his hearty big laugh. I have wonderful and fun memories of Glenn that go back to the late 1960’s. Glenn was an amazing man who loved his wife and daughters dearly….and he was a good & special friend for many years. Thinking of you MaryLou, Claire and Nicola….xox Sonia

  10. Love the photo.
    Remembering Glenn always.
    Thank you for the grand memories.
    Thank you for creating memories for a class in Saskatchewan. And their teacher.

  11. Gillian Cohen says

    There are some beautiful and apt sentiments expressed here. David and I have also been touched by Glenn, his skills, his warmth and passion. We send our thoughts to his beloved MaryLou, Claire and Nicola.

  12. Sally Dolman says

    Dear MaryLou,
    Wow, a year has passed already! Sending thoughts and love from Downunder to you and the girls. Remembering the young guy I met on Bondi Beach all those years ago.

  13. Alison Hayton says

    Thinking of you all.

  14. Karen and Mike says

    How appropriate today’s windy weather is. Thinking of you three gals and Glenn’s wonderful smile. Much love.

  15. Linda Graham says

    HIs memory will always be a blessing for you, Claire and Nicola.

    Love, LMG

  16. malcolm Cook says

    Wishing peace love and strength for all.. we are with yo safe be well… smudge for Glen today.

  17. Sheila Dryden says

    Have been thinking of Glenn so often in the past few weeks knowing that we were coming up on this anniversary and feeling so sad that he is no longer with all those who loved him so much. When a light shines that brightly it simply can’t be extinquished. I so hope you will be able to celebrate his life soon. It windy today and I like to think he’s out there somewhere racing across the waves…..sending hugs

  18. Eileen Keller says

    Thinking of you all. I remember how fun, kind and generous Glenn was at several courses Pete and I took together with Glenn and Nicola, and how welcoming he always was to less experienced sailors.

  19. Thinking of you and your girls on this difficult day.

    All the very best,
    Cathy and Bill Norrie

  20. Michael King-Brown says

    Thinking of you, Glenn,Claire and Nicola this day and every day. I look forward to being able to all get together to remember and celebrate a life that touched all of us a little more deeply than most, Much love, Michael King-Brown

  21. Steve E Erickson says

    Thinking of you and your family at this time. I really enjoyed reading both of your posts over the years. Life goes on but you have many fond memories. Bless you guys. Thanks for your email. Steve.

  22. Jess Prince says

    Brian and I think of Glenn daily, as we live in our beautiful home that he did such an incredible job updating for us just before his trip. Sending you and the girls lots of love today.

  23. Lynn & Peter says

    Thinking of you, the girls and Glenn always.

    Much love,
    Lynn & Peter

  24. Ruth Currey says

    Thinking of you all, today and every day. Take good care.

  25. Melissa Anderson says

    One year. My thoughts are with you, Claire and Nicola. I will look to the sea and remember Glenn today.

  26. John Taylor says

    I talked to Glenn after an exciting and slightly scary ordeal in Baynes Channel (strong wind against strong current). Glenn could have said ‘Hey John, that’s nothing, let me tell you about …’. Instead he said that what I experienced was as bad as anything off-shore. A charitable remark that gave me confidence to venture beyond the Salish Sea. Absolutely a caring, generous and enthusiastic guy.

  27. It’s so sad to have lost such an intrepid man, husband and father at such an early age. I’m sure you continue to miss him every day. Continue to be strong.

  28. Dave Carter says

    Hardly a day goes by when we don’t think about Glenn as we go about our daily living in the house that he remodelled for us. There’s the door he suggested we change to make a better opening, there’s the light switch he moved that makes it easier to turn on that light in the other room in the middle of the night, the bedroom closet that he reshaped to give us more room. It may sound trivial but every place we look in our house we remember Glenn
    Dave & Daphne Carter

  29. Steve & Ann Merriman says

    You are all in our thoughts today. Glenn was the best at everything he did but most of all being a loving Husband and Dad.
    Cherish your wonderful memories. xoxo

  30. Georgina and Lawrence says

    Glenn and you, Claire and Nicola are very much on our minds today, MaryLou. Love you all.

  31. And that we will. He has touched so many of our lives. My thoughts also go to you and your family at this time. Sending caring hugs to you all.

  32. So many great memories. Thinking of you , wishing I could have been there for you today.
    Sending love from the Southern hemisphere. I will look out for the Southern cross tonight.
    Much love to the three of you.

  33. Thank you for this – love the photograph. I remember Glenn every day, and all of you as well. Be well.

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