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On West Wind II near Victoria, B.C. Canada


While Glenn sails solo around the world, I’ll be telling the story here on these pages from our home in Victoria, B.C., Canada 48.4328° N, 123.3347° W. We thought ‘Going Solo’ was a good name for the blog because it’s what both of us are doing while Glenn’s at sea. 

When Glenn made his first attempt in 2007-2008, I created a blog and posted daily updates and photos. Within weeks, thousands of followers around the world became interested in the story and wanted to engage with him. They sent messages and offered words of encouragement and, they asked questions. They also shared some of their own personal stories of adventure and dreams. Glenn appreciated that people reached out to him and was more than happy to write back. Kids in a grade 5/6 class in Maclean, Saskatchewan let us know they were following Glenn’s voyage every day as part of their geography class. They also asked lots of questions which Glenn answered …with pleasure.

Other than write the daily blog, I also wrote articles and answered requests from the media here in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and the UK. I published an article in a UK yachting magazine called Yachting World. It was an exciting adventure – on and off the ocean.

When I’m not posting on this blog, I work as a solo communications consultant for small business, government and social enterprises at my small firm Encore Communications in Victoria, B.C. I write for several magazines in the tourism and food space and blog about the power of strategic storytelling for business at StorythatMatters. When I’m not behind a computer, I’m on my bike, yoga mat, or behind the lens of my camera.

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