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Remembering Glenn

October 5, 2021Today we mark one year since we said our final goodbyes to our dear Glenn. The girls and I have received much love and support and generosity over this past year and we know that without a doubt, we would not have made it to today … [Read More...]

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Farewell and fair winds

Glenn Harvey Wakefield August 6, 1950 – October 5, 2020 At the helm of the Blue Leopard. Greek Islands, 1969 It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of our beloved husband and … [Read More...]

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your memories of Glenn and your heartfelt messages. If there is one thing Glenn would have hoped for, it is that his family would be okay. Where that seems impossible … [Read More...]

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Day 29 Space Ship 9/30/13

Position: 03. 32N, 152. 06 W @noon Week 5  Last night I was drawn out of my deep sleep by a change in our motion. We had slowed considerably from the time I'd left to find that elusive sleep. The encounters on deck in the middle of the night are a little surreal. I find my headlight which I've placed on the top step of the … [Read More...]

Day 28 Repairing the mainsail 9/29/13

Position: 05. 05  N, 151. 43 W @3:00 UTC It's very hot here today and I'm trying to hide from the sun. The wind lightened up a little so I've been up on deck to take a reef out of both the jib and main. I'm back below now absolutely soaked with sweat.  Time is dragging a little. The nights are long. I'm having a food bar and a … [Read More...]

Day 27 Waves from three directions 9/28/13

Position: 07. 24 N, 150. 25 W  We're moving again and I've been running back and forth along the deck. The problem I'm having is the size and direction of the waves coupled with the relatively light winds. Setting a full main is just barely doable as the waves shake all the wind out and the thrashing is unbearable. To avoid … [Read More...]

Day 26 Light winds, slow going 9/27/13

  Position: 09. 23 N, 149. 52  W @16:30 UTC Hanging out with dolphins was the best thing that happened yesterday. They're so energetic and graceful. There were at least a dozen of them around the boat. At the time we were sailing quite fast. Several of them were very large and some quite small - different species I think.  I … [Read More...]

Day 25 Sea life 9/26/13

   Position: 10. 12 N, 149. 38 W @ 16:30 UTC I awoke this morning to find us sailing in the 'Valley of the Squalls'. I counted seven grey hay stack clouds with their bottoms dragging across the horizon and the rain falling in sheets. We've been washed clean several times during the night which is welcome as our sodium levels … [Read More...]

Day 24 Rollin’ in the Deep 9/25/13

Position: 12 02  N, 148 24 W @17:00 UTC The morning's Grib files look good and we'll keep this wind all day along with our 2.2  metre swell. This is all very good news. We'll keep our fingers crossed, and keep WW II "rollin the deep". She has her skirt up,  and tearing across the dance floor at  7.8 knots! NZ here we come! It … [Read More...]

Day 23 Day’s End 9/24/13

We're at day's end here on WW II.   A large wave has just come through the centre hatch above the table at the base of the mast and boarded us. The hatch has been open all day with not a hint of water on the deck. It's as if someone deliberately threw a bucket of sea water right down the hatch. The berth on the starboard side … [Read More...]

Day 23 Fast, bumpy ride 9/24/13

Position: 13 49 N, 147 20 W @ 19:00 UTC Hot and muggy here over night so lots of tossing and turning. Good progress though.  Here's my morning ritual to get Grib (weather) files from my computer. I'm up early to download the files so I'm absolutely on top of the weather. Process goes something like this - go to the Grib file … [Read More...]

Day 22 Into the Zone 9/23/13

  Position: 15 41 N, 145 24 W @20:00 UTC Week 4  It has dawned another beautiful tropical morning here on board WW II after a very lively night. We made a solid 70 miles in the last twelve hours as a result of a very steady 15+ knot wind that we have been running before for more than three days. I did not make any sail changes … [Read More...]

Day 21 Plotting a Course 9/22/13

Postion: 16. 27 N, 142 45 W A new day. Listening to Adele singing Rolling in the Deep. Cup of tea, cool tropical breeze funnelling down through the main hatch and across my bare shoulders and down my back. Up very early to take care of M&J (Main and Jib). Flipped them over so we can lay the mark 590 miles over the horizon … [Read More...]

Day 20 Making the most of it 9/21/13

Position:  17 53.1 N, 140 59.0 W I moved off one chart and on to another today - a milestone worth noting for me. I'm now planning my route south through the Cook Islands towards NZ.  I made the most amazing lunch today. Fresh cabbage lightly cooked in a little extra virgin olive oil seasoned with a little Tellicherry black … [Read More...]

Day 19 By hand 9/20/13

Position : 20.12  N, 139. 49 W @17:00 UTC Early afternoon yesterday and last night I had to hand steer for several hours as the wind went light and the vane didn't have the energy to take the tiller. Sitting in one place for three hours, watching the sun set and the moon rise on a balmy night with just shorts on - not too hard … [Read More...]

Day 18 Spa Pacifica 9/19/13

Had a tropical down pour this morning that turned West Wind into Spa Pacifica. There were three squalls in the neighbourhood and I got all three in a row. Three weeks is along time to go with out a shower and this one was perfect - not polar but tropical. Did all my laundry - shorts, shirt , socks, tee shirt, and underwear. … [Read More...]

Day 18 Keeping an even pace 9/19/13

  Position: 22. 33 N, 139.17 W @16:30 UTC *  Last night I sat in the cockpit under a canopy of clouds that were backlit by the full moon listening to Sting on the iPod and having my dinner - potatoes, carrots, fried onions, curry sausage, and noodles and one can of  Blue Bridge beer. I tuned into the seafarers net to … [Read More...]

Day 17 Into the Wind 9/18/13

Position: 24. 05 N, 139. 00 W @ 19:00 UTC* *Note: Time will now be reported in UTC - Universal Time Coordinated (UTC is +7 hours from Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)  Listen to Glenn's audio report courtesy of Ron Kolody, ham radio operator in Vancouver. At 5:30 this morning I lay in my nice warm bunk listening to the main and … [Read More...]

Day 16 A shift in time 9/17/13

   26 29.3 N, 137 52.7 W @ 10:20 PDT Going like a train this morning. The wind shifted numerous times over night and there were some strong squalls and intense rain. I was up many times trimming sails and readjusting the vane. We're on port tack so I'm sleeping in the starboard bunk which is a little wider than the port bunk. … [Read More...]

Day 15 Wing-on-Wing 9/16/13

 27 53.1 N, 136.49 W @ 12:00 PDT Currently sailing wing-on-wing with a double reefed main at 6 knots. Wind is 15 knots from the North, waves are 1.5 metres from the Northwest. Temperature is 25 C with 80% overcast sky. A container ship 'Horizon Passage' from San Diego bound for Hawaii came up my port side at 20 knots around … [Read More...]

Day 15 Dark Blue Sea 9/16/13

  27 57.9 N, 136 31.7 W @10:20 PDT Week 3 Dark Blue Sea Dark blue sea rippled by a 10-knot warm SW breeze Aero Gen 4 silently making hydro West Wind II like a race horse sliding gently but purposefully over a two meter beam sea Another plastic fish float anchored by its growing community of hitchhiking sea … [Read More...]

Day 14 Making a compromise September 15, 2013

  28 22.1 N, 134 40.7 W @ 12:00 PDT It's a beautiful day, the wind is light, maybe 10 knots.  The wind and waves are at very awkward angles today. To make my best course I would like to run down wind but because the waves are off the stern quarter WW II wants to cork screw and there is not enough wind in the sails to … [Read More...]

Day 13 Sunrise parade September 14, 2013

  30 11.37 N, 132'56.01 W @0:7:44 PDT The early morning sun silhouettes a parade of over-sized balloon cloud characters that the west wind has filled in through the night. There are some familiar shapes - huge squirrels, an elephant, and many fat snakes - some flat, some grotesquely coiled around prehistoric beasts on three … [Read More...]

Day 12 Under full sail Sept 13, 2013

31 58.7 N, 133 00.9 W @0:7:15 PDT West Wind II is doing 5 knots with all sail up.  The sky is mostly clear with black cloud down to the eastern horizon. The kettle is on and I am savouring one of the last plums on board. I was up at 6:00 and hoisted sail to a fresh southwest breeze of about 10knots. The wind generator is … [Read More...]

Day 11 Staying vigilant September 12, 2013

  No position reported Glenn is currently having technical difficulties with his computer. He hopes to be up and running soon!  I received this message at 01:50 PDT.  I was just up taking a reef in the main. Boat speed is 5.5 knots and the wind generator is going well. I discovered the main bolt holding the Fleming was … [Read More...]

Day 10 Gear head September 11, 2013

34.11 N, 133.50 W off the coast of Southern California Heading: 123 true Boat Speed: 4.6 knots Wind: SW <10 knots Swell: 1 m Outside Temp: 20 C Wind is filling in from the south west. Lots of plastic and debris in the ocean. A question posted on the blog from Shawn. Q: It would be great to hear about some of the gear on … [Read More...]

Day 10 Back to the Sixties September 11, 2013

  34.30 N,  133.48 W @ 10:28 PDT Heading: 180 true Boat Speed: 2 knots Wind: 5 knots Swell: 1.5 - 2 metres Sky: Overcast Temperature: 18 C Miles in last 24 hrs: 20 Grey again today and there are more 'search lights' burning through the clouds looking for escapees. The sea is still high but undulating under a great grey … [Read More...]

Day 9 Light airs September 10, 2013

35. 16.9 N,  133 44.7 W @12:00 PDT Wind: Less than 5 knots Waves: 2.5 metres Sky: Clear Wind light, difficult to steer. No cloud, hot sun. No sleep. Having a tough day! @0:3:15 PDT It's the middle of the night. I've been up since before midnight adjusting West Wind's sails. I knew the winds would eventually die down and shift … [Read More...]

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