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Celebration of Life Eulogy

Royal Victoria Yacht ClubSunday, September 18, 2022 We’re gathered at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Victoria, B.C. to hold space to honour and celebrate the life of Glenn Wakefield. Today, we’ll remember Glenn in ways he would want to be … [Read More...]

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Celebration of Life for Glenn Wakefield

After a 2 year delay due to Covid, we are finally able to gather for a Celebration of Life for Glenn. Celebration of Life for Glenn WakefieldSunday, September 18, 20221:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.Royal … [Read More...]

Remembering Glenn

October 5, 2021Today we mark one year since we said our final goodbyes to our dear Glenn. The girls and I have received much love and support and generosity over this past year and we know that … [Read More...]

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Day 10 Back to the Sixties September 11, 2013

  34.30 N,  133.48 W @ 10:28 PDT Heading: 180 true Boat Speed: 2 knots Wind: 5 knots Swell: 1.5 - 2 metres Sky: Overcast Temperature: 18 C Miles in last 24 hrs: 20 Grey again today and there are more 'search lights' burning through the clouds looking for escapees. The sea is still high but undulating under a great grey … [Read More...]

Day 9 Light airs September 10, 2013

35. 16.9 N,  133 44.7 W @12:00 PDT Wind: Less than 5 knots Waves: 2.5 metres Sky: Clear Wind light, difficult to steer. No cloud, hot sun. No sleep. Having a tough day! @0:3:15 PDT It's the middle of the night. I've been up since before midnight adjusting West Wind's sails. I knew the winds would eventually die down and shift … [Read More...]

Day 8 Solar power September 9, 2013

   36. 19.8 N, 132. 24.4 W @20:45 PDT The wind generator is not producing much power on this point of sail, except in the evening. I'm getting power only from my Solar panels at this point and being conservative in my power usage. I've been organizing the boat and taking inventory of everything over the last 4 days. Very few … [Read More...]

Day 8 – Riding the waves

This afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and revealed an indigo sea capped with white horses following and passing West Wind II. Her bow has a pulpit and in the pulpit is a seat that hangs out over the bow forward of the forestay. I worked my way up the heaving deck and climbed into the seat. I was there for an hour as … [Read More...]

Day 8 Start of Week 2 September 9, 2013

  37. 05 N, 131. 55 W @12:00 PDT @ 0:8:00 PDT Week 2 Lovely weather here - mild, sun just burning through, wind still from behind. Doing 7+ kts. Was late getting to bed last night -up reading. Will have to have a nap this afternoon.  Heading: 204 true. Boat speed: 7+ knots. Wind: 15 - 20 NWaves: 3 metresSky: Partly sunnyMood: … [Read More...]

Day 7 Running September 8, 2013

  40 05.56 N, 129.54.658 W @0:8:00  We're still running before the wind. I was up several times in the night worrying unnecessarily about chafe and how WW II was fairing. The motion is like driving down a roller coaster road in an old truck with no shock absorbers. It's a little like floating. The sky is overcast but … [Read More...]

Day 6 Off the Wind September 7, 2013

42 15.4 N, 128 08.4 W @09:50 PDT Seas are about 1.5 - 2 m and we are slightly off the wind and the boat is moving in a cork screw motion. Our speed has been great, about 6-7 knots which translates to about 150 miles+ a day.  I saw a sooty albatross this morning but other than that not much. I am spending most of my time down … [Read More...]

Day 5 Settling in September 6, 2013

  44 09.4 N, 127 00.6 W @ 12:00 PDT I've been very tired and napping a lot. It will take some time to fill up the sleep bank. I sleep well at night but have to get up every few hours with the weather pattern I'm in at the moment. I have to admit it's a rude awakening and leaving that nice warm nest takes enormous will … [Read More...]

Day 4 Finding my sea legs September 5, 2013

 47 04.6 N  126 11.4 W  @0:9:30 PDT  (off the coast of Aberdeen, Washington) All is well on board. I'm slowly getting my sea legs and getting things organized on the boat. The wind generator is not turning, due to the broad reach and we have little power from the solar panels due to the cloud cover.  I'll be watching my power … [Read More...]

Day 3 Hand steering September 4, 2013

48.19 N, 125.06 W @0:7:45 PDT Sailed in very light wind most of the day yesterday and into the evening. The wind completely disappeared around Sooke which meant I had to hand steer throughout the night. I made it around Tatoosh Island late last night and am now heading out the Straits. Currently doing 1.5 knots with 1.5 metre … [Read More...]

Day 1 The Send off September 2, 2013

    48 16. 94 N  123 34. 8 W @18:20 PDT After a fantastic send off at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club where dozens of friends and family and well wishers showed up to cheer him on, Glenn let go the lines and set sail at 13:00 PST.  Tony Gooch, who completed a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation east about in 2003, is … [Read More...]

D Day – September 2, 2013

Glenn will start his solo non-stop west about circumnavigation on Monday September 2, 2013 at Royal Victoria Yacht Club.  It's all hands on deck. Glenn's been burning the midnight oil, making sure his ham radio is in top working order, doing some finishing to the interior, and getting the boat ready to store 12 months worth … [Read More...]

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Swiftsure 2013

Swiftsure 2013 was a first for West Wind II, but not so for this crew of salty dogs (except Nicola and David) who celebrated 30 years since their last Swiftsure race together. Here's what the skipper and crew had to say... "The idea to enter Swiftsure was an opportunity to reunite with my old Swiftsure crew and in part, an … [Read More...]

Words to live by …

[Read More...]

Of men who dream …

Lawrence of Arabia had this to say about men who dream big dreams. … [Read More...]

Glenn meets HRH The Duke of York

HRH The Duke of York listens intently to Glenn's answer to his question about weather and sea conditions in the southern ocean during his official visit to RVYC May 19, 2013 Photo: Ellie Matheson It's not every day you meet a Prince. We had the honour, recently, of meeting and chatting with HRH The Duke of York on his official … [Read More...]

West Wind II races in the RVYC Lipton’s Cup

April 14, 2013 West Wind II at the start of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club's first race of the season - The Lipton's Cup. After a good start, Glenn and his able crew, Oliver Williams and Matt Le May, sailed a good race finishing a respectable second place in Division 2. … [Read More...]

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