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Celebration of Life Eulogy

Royal Victoria Yacht ClubSunday, September 18, 2022 We’re gathered at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Victoria, B.C. to hold space to honour and celebrate the life of Glenn Wakefield. Today, we’ll remember Glenn in ways he would want to be … [Read More...]

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Celebration of Life for Glenn Wakefield

After a 2 year delay due to Covid, we are finally able to gather for a Celebration of Life for Glenn. Celebration of Life for Glenn WakefieldSunday, September 18, 20221:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.Royal … [Read More...]

Remembering Glenn

October 5, 2021Today we mark one year since we said our final goodbyes to our dear Glenn. The girls and I have received much love and support and generosity over this past year and we know that … [Read More...]

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Anchor chain and rode

I have 250' of 1/4 inch BBB (bend before break) anchor chain and 250' of 3/4 inch nylon twist line with 25 feet of 1/4 inch BBB chain.For anchors I have a 40 lb. stainless steel plow and a 40 lb Bruce galvanized.The plow will remain on deck in the rollers till we clear the Straits then stowed below.I’m working very hard to keep … [Read More...]

On-board communications

Communication is a very important element of all my voyages. The first voyage in 1997 in our 26 foot Haida Sannu II started with a single-handed leg of 4500 nautical miles to the Marquesas. My only form of communication was a VHF radio with visual range of about 20 nautical miles. I spoke with one ship - the USS Force 6. After … [Read More...]

Up the mast

Top of the mast heading to New Zealand, circa 2013 Sunday Morning August 23/20 07:30The sun is just coming up over the trees in our front yard. The crows and seagulls are greeting the new day with their usual cacophony of song, if you can call it that. I was up early and had a good night's sleep after a fabulous dinner … [Read More...]

Solar power

Two solar panels, one 80 watts and one 100 watts. Friday, August 21, 2020 A very important commodity for this voyage is electricity, maybe not as important as water, but still necessary. On my first single handed voyage on Sannu II, a Haida 26, in 1997 from Victoria to the Marquesas, my only electronics were a GPS and a … [Read More...]

Weather Watch

It is 08:40 Friday morning August 21st. I'm on my second cup of coffee, it's foggy and very Fall looking outside,  the street is wet, the list is still long and getting longer.I hope to leave next weekend.The rain is tapping louder on the skylight above me at the dining room table. I've been to the Earth Nullschool website … [Read More...]

Port lights

Friday, August 21, 2020 1/2 inch plate glass sandwiched between polished stainless steel outer trims One of the jobs I managed to complete in the past weeks is re and re all of WW II's ten port lights. This is something I needed to do since landing in Fremantle in 2014. As with all projects like this, 80% of the project is … [Read More...]

The Ys of plumbing

Friday, August 14, 2020 @ RVYC The Y valve is used to direct black water from the head either over the side directly (5 miles offshore), into a 25 gallon holding tank or can be pumped out at a land station. I revamped this holding tank from the one I had originally installed ten years ago. The Y valve was reused from the old … [Read More...]

Kiwi Yoga

Saturday, August 8th 2020 It looks like the weather will be cooperative to re and re the Kiwi Grip in the cockpit today. I managed to get the washed out and partially hardened Kiwi grip scraped off yesterday before the rain started again, quite a mess. Before I try this again, I have to re-tape the borders which I'm … [Read More...]

Southern Ocean stew

August 6, 2020 Victoria, BC Today is a big day for a couple of reasons. First, I picked up a very important ingredient for my voyage, stewing beef. Part of my menu is the great stews I make every five days or so. These remain in the pressure cooker on the gimballed stove to be served with quinoa or rice.  Rebecca and … [Read More...]

Third voyage – Closing the loop

August 5, 2020 Royal Victoria Yacht Club N 48 27.2' W123 17.7' Later this month I'll be heading off in West Wind II on another voyage back to 48.10 S, 51.57 W where I left Kim Chow in April 2008. This will complete my circumnavigation. This spot in the south Atlantic is about 300 kn miles North East of the Falkland or … [Read More...]

‘Sea Fever’ print available for sale

Sea Fever hand-lettered print available at Victoria, B.C. Canada - 2018 A number of years ago, MaryLou created this beautiful piece of artwork, a hand lettered piece featuring the poem Sea Fever by John Masefield. Through her communications work, she'd met the accomplished Canadian marine artist … [Read More...]

Latest Swiftsure Update

May 28, 2017  Royal Victoria Yacht Club At 15:00 I called our second crew meeting and asked our navigators Paul and Nicola to evaluate the wind and current situation based on the models on hand. We had the tide against us at 3 - 6 knots for the next 5 hours and no wind in the forecast. This would have effectively carried … [Read More...]

Swiftsure Lightship Classic

May 18,2017                             Check out this article and short interview with Oak Bay News about how sweet it is to sail back down the Straits of Juan de Fuca after so many years. No rest for the wicked. Now that I'm back, I've … [Read More...]

Arrived in Victoria

May 7, 2017 @03:30 Glenn arrived safe and sound at 3:30 this morning. He had an epic transit of the Straits of Juan de Fuca in about 12 hours and at times sailing over 9 knots. He's glad to be home with loved ones in this beautiful place.   … [Read More...]

The Home Stretch

May 6 @ 20:45 I'm having an amazing run down the Straits. Visibility is great and not too much traffic. An incredible sail to finish off a great passage. The sun is low in the sky and the moon is up. Both shores are extremely beautiful in this early evening light. I'm very tired but having the sail of my life. I feel … [Read More...]

Land Ho!

Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ o9:40 I am about 35 miles off the coast and I'm not alone. Just past the "Dora Mae" an old west coast troller. I spoke, I should say shouted, "Good Morning" to the two fellows baiting a long line out the stern to the flock of waiting sooty Albatross, must be a least one hundred of them, some … [Read More...]

MacGyver is at it again

May 5, 2017 I believe I have jury rigged a support for the engine. I've managed to lift the one corner that has the broken engine bracket sufficiently to allow me to run the engine in gear for short periods of time. That will definitely come in handy as I transit the shipping lane don the Straits. Not a permanent fix but … [Read More...]

Signs that land is not far off

May 5, 2017 08:20 am Position: Lat 46 31 Long 128 11  Temp 53 F The sun is up, albeit behind some very billowy clouds. The seas are still mountainous and the wind blowing hard. Good for making volts, not so good for standing up. My bunk is by far the most comfortable and warmest place be. If all goes well, we should be … [Read More...]

Slogging it out in big seas

May 5, 2017 0:6:30 Position: 46.33 N, 128.59 W Still slogging it out in some big seas with a good course and lots of wind. I got a few hours sleep and once I go on deck and adjust our course, I am back to my bunk. At night, in the dark, my mind dreams up all kinds of scenarios, some of which come from an Alfred Hitchcock … [Read More...]

Hanging On

May 4, 2017 0:100 Position: 46.14 N, 129.09 W With the horrific motion and noise onboard, sleep is illusive. I've been on deck twice to alter course and the seascape under the moonlight is awe inspiring. The waves marching at us are mountainous. Occasionally, one climbs aboard and completely covers us in white water … [Read More...]

My plan for the Straits of Juan de Fuca

May 4, 2017 It would be nice if I could enter the Straits early on a clear morning and have the rest of the day to work my down to Victoria. I'm thinking of crossing the big ship lanes as I enter the Straits and heading down the Canadian side. I'll ask Peter to check the traffic over the next day or so and let me know … [Read More...]

Reflecting on almost two decades of single-handed sailing

May 3, 2017 07:07 am Position: 45.34 N, 130.25 W I'm 300 miles off the coast of Oregon State, right in line with Portland. The sea the sky is grey, looking out the port lite. There is a distinct line between the very light grey sky and the greyish green ocean, a line that I could almost reach out and touch. A line that … [Read More...]

The ham net is humming tonight

Monday, May 1, 2017 Positon: 41.1 N, 136.3 W Distance in last 24 hrs: 160 nm Shout out to ham radio operator Gary (W7WWI) in Olympia, Washington who pulled a few strings (or wires) and was able to patch me through to Glenn on the radio tonight.  Not sure how that works, but it was great to have a few crackly words … [Read More...]

Rolling along …

Monday, May 1, 2017 05:30 We are rolling along before 15+ knots and have a pretty impressive log to show for it. Looks like another 150 nm day today! Lots of creaking and groaning going on ... almost as much as my old knees. The motion is not too bad and the sound of rushing water as WW II surges homeward fills the … [Read More...]

Knocking off the miles

Sunday, April 30, 2017 03:10 pm I've been out on deck reading and taking a few photos. There are a pair of Albatross cruising around the boat and one lone Wanderer. My tiny storm petrel is still hold up under one corner of the life raft and not being very sociable. I hope he or she will be ok and fly away. Still very … [Read More...]

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