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Celebration of Life Eulogy

Royal Victoria Yacht ClubSunday, September 18, 2022 We’re gathered at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Victoria, B.C. to hold space to honour and celebrate the life of Glenn Wakefield. Today, we’ll remember Glenn in ways he would want to be … [Read More...]

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Celebration of Life for Glenn Wakefield

After a 2 year delay due to Covid, we are finally able to gather for a Celebration of Life for Glenn. Celebration of Life for Glenn WakefieldSunday, September 18, 20221:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.Royal … [Read More...]

Remembering Glenn

October 5, 2021Today we mark one year since we said our final goodbyes to our dear Glenn. The girls and I have received much love and support and generosity over this past year and we know that … [Read More...]

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Slow going

Lat. 11 19 N Long 159 33 W Course 335 T Speed 4.5 knots Wind NE 15 Waves NE 2m Cloud 100% Baro 1014 Miles in last 24 hrs: 111 nm Range to Honolulu 606All is well. Slow going and bearing off to stem the water egress. Will have to make up easting as I get closer. As wind bears to the east the waves do not follow and so as soon as … [Read More...]

Celestial navigator

Sunday, December 8, 201711.33 N, 159.56 W (from InReach tracker)Up early this morning. Woke thinking about getting through the surf into the yacht basin in Honolulu, quickly had to change that channel in my mind as we were going on the rocks. Best alternative was to get up and wake up as well and focus on the GPS numbers.Our … [Read More...]

Constant heavy motion

Saturday, December 7, 201704:00 amRough night, (bilge) pump rate is up but steady and I managed to get some sleep. We are still moving ahead with very reduced yankee and no main. Lots of water on deck but we are fine and the situation is stable. I'm going to try get more sleep. Still dark but we are fine.756 nm to go. We are … [Read More...]

Tough day

 Friday, December 6, 2017It is the beginning of the afternoon. The wind has died to a whisper and the sea left by this morning's hard blow has settled in troughs and sentenced us to an afternoon of little progress and enough motion to test the Pope.I am dog tired and a little frustrated when we find ourselves in this … [Read More...]

Ham radio operators make a big difference

January 6, 2017I had one of those rare times when the universe came together and the ham conditions were perfect. First I spoke with the wonderful operators of the Pacific Seafarer's net who are looking out for me. Tonight at 03:00 Zulu (05:00 ship's time) on 14300 mhz. I spoke with Jane NH7 TZ who is located on the Island of … [Read More...]

Being there

January 5, 2017Christmas arrived at our house today.  An envelope from Glenn post marked Rarotonga, Cook Islands. In it, a chip from his camera. Thanks to modern technology (and snail mail) here are a few photos.Must be chilly. A fleece jacket AND the knitted cowl I made him for Christmas.A few days growth and suited up ready … [Read More...]

Making good time

January 5, 20170 @ 02:40 The blazing red orb sizzles its round face into the western horizon. Clouds form diagonally across it like war paint and the saucer moon hangs above just like the image in the movie with Huck Finn sitting fishing.  Fanning Island rose up from the Eastern horizon not 4 miles off our starboard bow.I eased … [Read More...]

Cracking off the miles to Hawaii

Wed. Jan. 4th 06:00 am Fish boat 2 miles off my port bow. Just caught his running lights as I went out to adjust course.We are off the wind and making good time and all is well. 1129 nm to Honolulu.Fairly cool and looks like another bright sunny day on the horizon. … [Read More...]

Crossed the equator

  January 3, 2017 Leg 2 Day 14UPDATED POSITION:Lat 01 02.777 N Long 160 14.204 W Wind East 15 knots Waves East 2 m Course 013 T Speed 5.5 knots Cloud 20% Baro 1010Miles in last 24 hr 121 nm Range to Honolulu: 1224 nmIt has dawned another beautiful equatorial morning much the same as the last few, some low white cloud and at the … [Read More...]

Front row seats

 January 2, 2017  Leg 2 Day 13MorningThe sun is chasing the stars off the stage and allowing the clouds to enter.  A new equatorial day is beckoning.Last night just after the stars filled in, the IMAX show appeared. An amazing tangerine saucer moon appeared with the bright star Venus near what would have been the handle of the … [Read More...]

Up close and personal

January 1, 2017 Leg 2 Day 12Well every day is a new clean sheet of paper on which is written the days events and all our hopes and aspirations.Today is an extra special day, January 1st the first day of the new year 2017. When I'm at home on land, I usually start a fresh new page in my Moleskin with a special pen and write in my … [Read More...]

Happy New Year

  Happy New Year All !!!Position as of o3:30 Zulu or 5:30 LocalLat 04 30 S Long 161 29 W Wind 10-15 NE Waves NE 2m Course 360T Speed 4.5 knots Cloud 45% baro 1008 Last 24 113 nm Range to Honolulu 1565All is well. … [Read More...]

Big seaway, little wind

 Lat 6.54 S Long 161.03 W Course 336 T Speed 6.7 knotsWind NE 15 knots Waves NE 2.5 m Cloud 10% Baro 1009  temp 30 C Miles in last 24 hrs. 130 nm Range to Honolulu 1704December 31, 2016, Leg 2, Day 11Still on starboard tack, hard on the wind, double reefed main, full yankee. Smooth ride bright, sunny and hot.We met the trade … [Read More...]

Nice change

Lat  9.32 S Long 159. 35 W Course 306 T Speed 4.5 knots Wind North East 10 knotsDecember 29, 2016 Leg 2 Day 9 @ 4 am10 knots of North East wind for the last 9 hrs ( since 7:00 pm last night ). Sailed 55 nm and made 38 miles to the good. Batteries 12.9. Charged the InReach tracker and have the computer charging now. Starry night, … [Read More...]

Praying for wind

Lat 10.31 S Long 159.08 W Speed 4.8 knots Wind West 10 knots Course 000 TDecember 28, 2016 Leg 2 Day 8 @ 3 a.m.Had six hours sleep. Bilge pump working on Auto and keeping water down at acceptable rate. Fleming steering. Battery voltage 12.79 which is OK for now. Bilge pump and GPS only draw at moment, aero wind generator on and … [Read More...]

Not one of my best days …

Lat 10 49 20 S Long 159 22.05 W Wind NE 5 Waves N 1m (On the nose) Course 329 T Speed 3 ( maybe) (No wind generator) Cloud 100% no (solar) Range to Honolulu 1932 Miles since noon 6nm to the mark Dec 27, 2016 Leg 2 Day 7 @ 3 p.m.Thought I would give you my position as of this time as it is more realistic than my "noon" at noon … [Read More...]

Shifting priorities

December 26, 2016 Leg 2 Day 6 @ 10 p.m.  Lat 10 55.7 S Long 159 24.9 W Wind: NW 10 knots Waves: W 1.5 m Course: 60t  Speed: 5 knots Cloud 100% Baro 1009 Miles in last 24 hrs:120 nm  Range to Honolulu: 1939 nmMy second try with the line made of Dynemar seems to be working for a fan belt, for how long who knows, so I will make up … [Read More...]

Feeling reflective

December 26, 2016 Leg 2 Day 6Since this morning after I plotted my position on my old outward bound chart (from 1997), I've been reflective about my life and how incredibly lucky I am. I also reflected on the people who had the most influence on me and helped me the most to get to be the person I am today. In my adult life, I … [Read More...]

MacGyver repair

 Lat 12.48 S Long 160.0 Wind North 5 knots Waves 1 metre - several directions Speed: 4 knots Course 000T Cloud 100% Baro 1009 Miles in last 24 hrs: 110 nm  Range to Hawaii: 2053 nmDecember 25, 2016 Leg 2 Day 5The fan belt packed it in just after lunch. Been trying to make one out of Dimaleen. I'm on my second prototype and I … [Read More...]

Good news bad news

World map showing air temperature. Glenn's position is the small green circle. Temp : 28° CLat 14.38 S  Long 160.01 W Wind: Zero Waves: 1 metre East and West Course: 003 T Speed 4 knots Cloud: 50% Baro: 1011 Temperature below decks: 34° C Miles in last 24 hrs: 76 nm Range to Hawaii 2163 nmDecember 25, 2016 Leg 2 Day 5 @ 11 amWe … [Read More...]

On safari

December 25, 2016 Leg 2 Day 5Lots of blue sky this morning. Watched the sun rise in the cockpit this morning, first one since the night I came upon Rarotonga.I have to say seeing the sun brightens my world and makes my heart sing. Lots of billowy cloud on the horizon mixed with my hedges and up above patches of white cloud with … [Read More...]

Here’s to all of you

December 25, 2016 Victoria, B.C. CanadaHere's to all of you.Thank you all for your lovely Christmas greetings. As Glenn often says "It's what keeps me going." We both acknowledge that 'it takes a village' and on this day especially, we're feeling grateful for your love and support of our journey these past weeks, months and … [Read More...]


   December 25, 2016 Leg 2 Day 5I have just been on deck to survey our watery path. The great grey clouds that have been the only feature these past few days have lifted. In its place the distant horizon reveals hedges of topiary clouds all shaped differently, and painted many shades of grey against a still grey background.To my … [Read More...]

Motor sailing through the hi

December 24, 2016 Leg 2 Day 44 a.m.There's a Hi moving in from the North East and I am on the edge of it now with wind coming from the North, North West at 10 knots. Not a good heading for me to sail into. My course at the moment is 301 at best. I have Perkins on, otherwise our boat speed in this wave condition would not be … [Read More...]

Hot and moist

Lat 18 28 S Long 159 33 W Wind: NNE 20 Waves: E 2.5 metres Cloud: 100 % Baro: 1009 Course: 03 T Speed: 5 knots Baro: 1009 Distance in last 24 hrs: 139 nm   Range to Honolulu: 2391 nm  Cabin Temp: 30 CDecember 23, 2016  Leg 2 Day 3Very hot and moist down below but, making good time. Just finished dinner. Chicken stew. Tastes … [Read More...]

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