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Remembering Glenn

October 5, 2021Today we mark one year since we said our final goodbyes to our dear Glenn. The girls and I have received much love and support and generosity over this past year and we know that without a doubt, we would not have made it to today … [Read More...]

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Farewell and fair winds

Glenn Harvey Wakefield August 6, 1950 – October 5, 2020 At the helm of the Blue Leopard. Greek Islands, 1969 It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of our beloved husband and … [Read More...]

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your memories of Glenn and your heartfelt messages. If there is one thing Glenn would have hoped for, it is that his family would be okay. Where that seems impossible … [Read More...]

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Making landfall at Rarotonga

Midnight - November 16/17 2016Only 34 miles to go to get to Rarotonga. At the moment it is a beautiful balmy clear night sky filled with all the constellations and we are making 6+ knots. I'm hoping to go in early so I can get started on my shopping before the stores close. I'm expecting a moon rise in the next hour which would … [Read More...]

Rolling in the deep

December 16, 2016It is 6:35 am here and it has been a very long day. So nice to have Cliff and a couple of guys to talk to at the day's close. We are about 45 min from sunset. It is raining hard as it has been most of the day. The rain takes some of the chop out of the water's surface. Those 4 metre waves from the South West … [Read More...]

Horrific seaway

 Day 19 December 15, 2016Lat 24.08 Long 159 59.0 Course: 10 T Speed: 4.5 knots Wind: East 10 knots Waves: North and South 2-3 metres Cloud: 100% Baro: 1012 Distance in last 24hrs:  77 nm  Range to Rarotonga: 174 nm06:00Very grey morning, low cloud and horizon close in. Waves very short, 2+ metres from the North East and South. … [Read More...]

Light breeze, good speed

Lat 27.04 S Long 160.0 W Course 030 T Speed 4 knots Wind NW 5 knots Waves W 1 metre Cloud 100% Baro 1014 steady Distance in last 24hrs: 110 nm Range to Rarotonga 348 nmDay 17  Midnight. Dec 12/13The moon and a sky full of stars has kept me company along with Annie Lennox and Diana Krall. WW II swishes her way through the moonlit … [Read More...]

Riff on a sunset

 Lat 25.24 Long 159.51 Wind NE 5-10 knots Waves SW 1.5 metres Cloud 100% Baro 1013Distance in last 24 hrs: 98 nm  Range to Rarotonga: 250 nmDay 18 December 14, 2016Lovely cool morning here. The sky is filled with change. A very large bank of grey cloud with a ragged front is sliding over from the north east. The sea has just a … [Read More...]

Light winds, big seas

Lat. 28.46 S Long 160.24 W Course 30 T Speed 5 knots Wind NW 5-10 knots Waves SW .75 metres Cloud 100% Baro 1014Distance in last 24 hrs: 110 nm  Range to Rarotonga 453 nmDay 16 December 12, 201606:00  Got my flat white sitting beside me and two eggs on the boil. Got my wakeup call at 05:00 am just in time to catch a full sunrise … [Read More...]

Stallion and rider

 Lat 30.31 S Long 160. 37 Course 14 T Speed 6 knots Wind W 15-20 knots Waves 2 metres W Cloud 99% Barometer 1009 steady Distance in last 24 hrs: 144 nm Range to Rarotonga 558Day 15 Dceember 11, 2016Lively morning here this morning. The wind increased last night around 02:37 am to about 15 knots from the west and I was up to find … [Read More...]

Slow and steady progress

Lat 32.47.5 S Long 161 34.3 W Course 25 T Speed 6.5 knots Cloud 99% Barometer: 1005 steady Distance in last 24 hr 140m nm Range to Rarotonga: 702 nmDay 14 Saturday, December 10, 2016All is well. Very warm here. Steadily making our way with your help. Thanks so much for the comments and questions. You have no idea how wonderful … [Read More...]

Dancing with a gale

Lat. 33.59 S Long 163.46 W Course 105 T Speed 6.5 knots Wind NE 15-20 knots Waves NE 2.5 metres Cloud 100% Barometer 1002 steady Distance in last 24hrs: 110 nm Range to Rarotonga: 793Day 13 Friday December 9, 20167:50 am The gale force winds I was expecting last night mercifully did not materialize.  When I turned in last night … [Read More...]

Crashing through a low

Lat 35.38 S Long 163.29 W Course: 000T Speed: 4 knots Wind: E 30 Waves: E 2.5 metres Cloud: 100% Barometer: 1009 falling Distance in last 24 hrs:  111 nm Range to Rarotonga: 885 nmDay 12 Thursday, December 8, 2016Just took the main sail down so we are slowing down some more to avoid falling of these cliffs with great white … [Read More...]

Through the high, making good progress

Day 11 Wednesday, December 7, 2016Lat. 37.30 S Long 163.40 W Course: 05 T Speed 5.5 knots  Wind NE 20+knots Waves NE 1.5 metres Cloud 99% Barometer: 1020 Falling Distance in last 24hrs: 108 nm Distance to Rarotonga: 996 nm Distance to Cape Flattery 5571 nmWonderful to wake up this morning to WW II surging along at 6+ knots and … [Read More...]

Slow going in light winds

Day 10 Tuesday, December 6, 2016 early morningLat 39.19 S Long 164 W Course 10 T Speed 3.5n knots Wind NE 5 knots Waves SW 2 metres Cloud 80% Baro 1026 Range to Rarotonga: 1108 nm Distance in last 24 hrs: 150 nmIt was a "biblical" sunrise this morning - beautiful amber rays streaking down through the clouds into a very reduced … [Read More...]

Planning the new route

Day 9 December 5, 2016 noonLat 40.51 S Long 164.30 W Course 40 T Speed 6.5 knots Wind SW 15 knots Waves SW 2 Cloud 20% Baro 1021 steady Distance in last 24 hrs: 155nmJust finished my daily radio show with Cliff and talked to several stations. It is reasonably warm and very cozy sitting at the nav table this afternoon. Outside … [Read More...]

Homeward bound

Day 8 December 4, 2016Lat 43.04 S  Long  165.41 W Course 30 T Speed 7 knots Wind NW 15 Waves W 1.5 metres Cloud 100 % Baro 1015 steady Distance in last 24 hrs: 132 nmAll is well.  Wind generator picking up the slack for missing solar panel.Very very mysterious burnt point of impact on solar panel. Meteor hit I think?Beating hard … [Read More...]

A change in plans

 Day 8 December 4, 2016Its 12:15 am and I'm still up partly because sleep is illusive. We have light following breezes and WW II needs some attention in order to keep on track. I gybed the main at sunset and altered course to a little more north. The seas are still running pretty big and shaking the wind out of the sails. We are … [Read More...]

Death defying galley antics

 I realized this morning that I left the InReach tracking device down below by the Nav. station overnight so it could be charged and of course  it wouldn't have have been able to send out any location markers from there because it can't see any satellites. Rest assured it is now back in its velcro holder strapped just inside the … [Read More...]

Managing in a seaway

 Day 5 Friday December 2, 2016 @ 03.25 local time Lat 42.51 S,Long 171. 55 W Course 96 T Speed 6.8 knots Wind S 15 knots Waves SW 4 metres Cloud 75% Baro 1011 steady Range CH 4086 nm Distance in last 24 hrs: 140 nmBack down below after a half hour on deck taking down the pole from the yankee. The dawn is breaking and as always, … [Read More...]

Safety at Sea

Day 4, December 1, 2016Lat 42.13 S Long 174.58 W Course 123 T Speed 6.5 nm Wind: South 15 knots Waves: S 2 metres Cloud 90% Baro 1014 steady Range: CH 4213  Distance in Last 24hrs: 144 nmBright sun shine streaming through the port  side windows (ports) this morning, quite chilly outside, lovely and fresh. Thought I got a glimpse … [Read More...]

Making plans

Day 4 November 30, 2016 @ 4:40 UTC.Lat 40.44 S Long. 176.43 W. Wind South 10-15 knots, Boat speed 6 knots, Course 142 T. A nice afternoon here.Wind has picked up a bit this afternoon and we are making fine progress.Just finished my radio sked with the gang and could just hear Alek in the background (from Australia) and Bob was … [Read More...]

Settling in to a new rhythm

Day 2 Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6 p.m. local timeJust finished taking all sail down and the motion on board is hard to believe.Had a great session on the ham radio tonight. Of course Cliff was there as master of ceremonies. I spoke with Barry VK2 GGA in Australia, who wished to be remembered to all my girls - Claire, Nicola and … [Read More...]

Feeling lucky

Day 3 Tuesday, November 29, 2016Lat: 40.05 S Long: 179.08 W Course: 140 True Speed: 5 knots Wind: W 15 knots Waves: SW 1.5 metres Cloud: 5% Barometer: 1011 + Range to Cape Horn: 4495 nautical miles Distance in last 24hrs: 75 nmBig waves + little wind = Bumpy ride. Crossed the international dateline and entered the Southern … [Read More...]

Crossing the International Dateline

 Day 3 Tuesday, N0vember 29, 2016 It's 5:17 am and it's Tuesday ...again. (exact position to come)During the night we sailed East back across the International date line. The sun is just on the horizon and about to dawn. I've been on deck to gybe the Yankee and sort things out a bit. Barely a cloud in the sky, it looks like … [Read More...]

Warm and Dry

Day 2 November 29 @ 5 p.m. local timeWind just filled in and it's quiet onboard after retiring Mr. Perkins (diesel engine) after 15 hrs.According to my weather man, it will increase tonight. We are running now at about 5 knots with a triple reefed main and Yankee on the pole. Still using electric auto pilot and as the wind … [Read More...]

The deep blue sea

Day 2 Tuesday, November 29, 2016 11:00 am local timeLat. 38' 51.5 S, Long 179' 27.2 E Course: 111 True  Speed: 3 knots Wind: NW 10 knots Waves: SW 3 metres  Cloud: 1%  Baro: 1011 risingRange to Cape Horn: 4611 nautical miles  Distance in last 24hrs: 61 nm to CP 75 over the ground  We are definitely in the deep blue sea. We have … [Read More...]

Light winds overnight

Day 2 November 29, 2016 @ 04:45The winds have been light and shifting back and forth all night. As you can probably see on the InReach Google map, our track is somewhat erratic. I've had the motor on since 2:00 am at 500 RPMs, just enough to keep us going in the right direction.By the look of the dawning red sky off the bow we … [Read More...]

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