Storm Petrel hitching a ride

Sunday, April 30, 2017  Local time 12:17 pm

Lat: 39 00 N
Long: 139 40 W
Course: 60 T
Speed: 6.5  knots
Wind S 15 nm
Waves: S 1 metre
Cloud 100%
Baro: 1029
Log: 855 nm
Miles in last 24hrs: 125 nm

All is well.

Beautiful little Storm Petrel has taken refuge on board WWII hiding behind the liferaft. It’s so beautiful and very delicate. Not sure what to do but hope mother nature takes care of her own.

Very steady day here, solid wind, good course and very low seaway making for a comfortable and fast ride and peaceful.

Hope all’s well back home.

Cheers Glenn