“I’m off !”



Day 1 Monday, November 28, 2016

This image is from a new system Glenn installed on WestWindII called InReach. It uses satellite technology to locate Glenn  and then sends an update via email every 4 hours. It’s a backup to the onboard Winlink system that will allow him to communicate his daily lat/long along with his blog entries via email which will be posted here.  

In Reach Satellite Communicator on board WestWindII

I received a text message from Glenn moments ago … “I’m off! Just left Poverty Bay and Young Nick’s Head (named after Captain Cook’s cabin boy).”

Glenn leaves Gisborne

Thanks to everyone in Gisborne who helped Glenn make his repairs and offered their warm kiwi hospitality.   


Gisborne hospitality

coming in to Gisborne

coming in to Gisborne

Shortly before Glenn made landfall at Gisborne, he sent this text “Beautiful night, wind has come up right on the nose. Still have twenty miles to go and it may be slow going. Will be busy til I get in.”

 A familiar topic on this blog is the kindness of strangers.  Glenn has been enjoying some fine kiwi hospitality in Gisborne; he’s made fast friends with folks who are eager to hear about the adventures of a Canadian sailor and share a few stories of their own.  Others have come aboard for coffee, and one very generous family invited him home for dinner. “I’ve met some amazing people here as I did in Australia. I have riches in the people I meet. Been on the phone working on the (ham radio) problem.”


Here he is with Suzy and John McKendry at their home in Gisborne enjoying an evening with them and their three children. Glenn, well known for his love of a good fire, spots an opportunity to introduce the whole family to a true Canadian West Coast Classic –  the ever popular “Smores”.

The ham radio has been sent off to be repaired and he’s been chatting with a few technical experts back home to get things sorted out. He’ll be able to give an update on that very soon.


After a few ‘lively’ days at sea without a lot of meal preparation, he seems to be making up for lost time, tucking into a pretty healthy looking breakfast. “Four egg omelette, sharp cheddar cheese, smoked mussels and fresh coffee.”