Southern Ocean stew

August 6, 2020 Victoria, BC

Today is a big day for a couple of reasons. First, I picked up a very important ingredient for my voyage, stewing beef. Part of my menu is the great stews I make every five days or so. These remain in the pressure cooker on the gimballed stove to be served with quinoa or rice.  Rebecca and Lee kindly stepped up to can 40 jars of stewing beef for the voyage. When in the southern ocean, these stews are something I look forward to.

Thank you Becky and Lee. Thanks also to Slater’s Meats for supplying the eighteen kilos of stewing beef.

It’s a very blustery day and after some heavy showers during the night the drying power of the wind is welcome. Unfortunately, I painted my deck wth Kiwi Grip late in the afternoon yesterday and a large area had not kicked off before the rain started and I’m afraid it is ruined and it will have to be sanded and re-taped and painted again. One of those one step forward two steps backward situations.  It’s all part of the process and can be repaired. Another first world problem!

I mentioned there are a couple of good things about today. It’s also my 70th birthday! I’m going to relax a bit as the last few months have been full on with work and getting ready for the voyage. I’ve been reflecting on how very lucky I am,  first to have such an understanding and supportive wife and two great daughters who have put up with the ups and downs of my voyages. Also to be surrounded by an amazing group of supportive friends from all over the world, some I have never met.Thank you all for the encouragement and kind regards.